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Premium Nutrition, Curated.

Premium Nutrition Curated and Delivered to Your Door Monthly. DO IT!

The chart on the left shows the nutrients your body gets out of the typical American diet. Not much. The chart on the right shows the same diet with the addition of a good multivitamin. 

(Breakfast of cereal, Sandwich for lunch, Dinner of a salad, spaghetti and two cookies.)

(Breakfast of cereal, Sandwich for lunch, Dinner of a salad, spaghetti and two cookies.)



Notice how our multivitamin can meet your body's needs.

Start making a difference today!

  • Healthier Skin, Healthier Hair

  • More Energy

  • Healthier Body Means a Better Mood

  • Your friends and family will notice a difference

Choose what works best for you:

By using a subscription model, we're able to bring you these world class supplements at a lower price than you'll find anywhere!

$99.99 -- New Year Special!
Hit the reset button on your health! Over this 28 day regimen, this product will help your body eliminate the toxins that have been building up throughout the years.

$54.99/Month  -- New Year Special!
Each convenient pack includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and prostate-support nutrients.

$29.99/Month  -- New Year Special!
The perfect introduction to our world class supplement line. For less than the cost of a tank of gas you can supply your body with the perfect nutrients each day.

$74.99/Month  -- New Year Special!

Essential-4 Nutrition Pack, provided by Douglas Laboratories, combines 4 of the most important products to help support optimal health and provides them in a convenient pack.

$54.99/Month  -- New Year Special!
Take your health to the next level with The Essential Man®. We take the basic two multivitamins and add omega-3 fatty acids, and prostate-support nutrients.

Why We're Different

  • Quality: We use the purest ingredients on earth.
  • Convenience: You don't worry about sourcing your daily nutrients. They're delivered to your door.
  • Curation: Our Functional Medicine Certified physician selects the nutrients that will help your body become a super-machine!
  • Cost: Because of our subscription model, we're able to provide these supplements at a cost far lower than all the competitors.
  • Risk Free: Cancel anytime!